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85% CO2 savings through recycled, high-purity aluminum

High-gloss metallizations require high-purity aluminum. Recycled aluminum with this purity standard was not available until now. That is why Hueck Folien has set up a recycling circuit for industrial aluminum scrap. From collection to melting to wire drawing, Hueck Folien is the first company to have a supply chain for high-quality recycled aluminum for vacuum evaporation onto films.

With a previously unattained standard of purity of almost 100%, Hueck Folien is thus a pioneer in feeding high-quality recycled aluminum back into the product cycle. In the coming months, the entire production at Hueck Folien will be transformed to recycled aluminum.

The CO2 footprint for 1 kg of standard evaporation wire from Europe is 15 kg CO2-equivalent, the recycled aluminum wire introduced by Hueck Folien has only 2,2 kg CO2e. Thus, 85% CO2 can be saved compared to the primary raw material.


Premiere at Labelexpo in Brussels

Hueck Folien's top brands for the label industry SILSKIN® and SILTOPP® will already be presented with recycled metallization at Labelexpo in Brussels. The physical and chemical properties of the label films based on recycled aluminum correspond exactly to those previously produced with primary raw material.

"Sustainability for us is the self-evident obligation to preserve all the basis for a liveable common future for next generations. With energy efficiency and resource conservation in the production of our film coatings, we are consistently moving towards the strategic goal of ecologically neutral production by 2035. With recycled aluminum, we are implementing another essential step," says Dr. Martin Bergsmann, CEO of Hueck Folien.


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