Our contribution to a liveable future


ReDefining Responsibility.

Sustainability is the basis of our brand, is the beginning and the end - a circle. Or cycle. Sustainability is our state of the art. For us it means more than just taking responsibility. For the environment, for all areas, all circles and cycles. It means redefining responsibility in order to create a common and livable future for the next generations. To create cycles in which we give back what we took - with the same quality, using what has already been used. Through reprocessing and recycling.


For Hueck Folien, this means an obligation to preserve all foundations for a shared and liveable future of generations to come.

That is why we think and act holistically and responsibly: for people, the environment and the economy.


For people

As a family business, we fully trust in the abilities of our employees who help shape our further development and our company's success on a daily basis. Their health, safety and well-being are therefore of special concern to us.

This is why we provide a family-friendly environment, equal opportunities and pay as well as high-quality training and further education opportunities.


For the environment

As a production company, we bear great responsibility for our environment. We focus consistently on energy efficiency and the sparing use of resources. Our primary goal is to implement sustainable and ecological production by 2035.

To this end, we are continuously working on the resource-saving production of our film coatings. We are performing research and development work to ensure optimal recycling of polymer raw materials and the use of recycled and recyclable materials. At the same time, we are reducing the proportion of solvent-based varnishes used in our products.

In order to achieve sustainable energy consumption, we have switched our operations to energy-saving LED lighting and have installed our own PV system. We promote electromobility and the reduction of car trips.


For the economy

The sustainable economic development of our company has high priority for us, but also for our customers, our employees and our region as a whole.

Solid and lasting connections along the supply chain, innovative solutions and our European production are fundamental cornerstones for guaranteeing this development, and are decisive for ensuring stable liquidity. This enables us to achieve steady growth and secure attractive jobs, now and in the future.


We report

Since 2013, we have been publishing an annual Sustainability Report outlining our goals, measures, projects and progress. You can read our latest report here.

Sustainability Report 2022