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VISCORA® Furniture merges design with functionality to perfection

VISCORA® - PREMIUM LAMINATION FILM: The trademark VISCORA® by Hueck Folien represents premium lamination films in different designs which offer superior functionality, such as extreme scratch resistance or easy-to-clean effect.

These films may be applied on a variety of base materials like steel, plastics, wood or paper. There is a broad field of application for the premium lamination films, since they give special surface characteristics to refrigerators and furniture front panels. The surfaces are available in Supermatt, Highgloss, Mirror, Metallic and with various colour effects, all of them optionally antiviral. We provide chemical resistance according to DIN 68861-1 group 1B and on matt products different haptics like soft touch. VISCORA® is applicable on decorated MDF and chipboard with PUR gluing-systems.


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